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Paid Blogging Opportunities Abound

Added: April 28, 2011

The earliest web journals were written by individuals posting about their daily lives, hobbies and subjects that interested them, much like today's bloggers. However, although some of them, notably Justin Hall and John Carmack, obtained large followings, money did not appear to be a motivating factor in their blogging. Rather, they were focused on providing information and personal stories.

Of course, bloggers today are equally committed to sharing parts of themselves and their passions with the internet community. Web journals continue to provide a forum in which people can talk about their daily lives, connect with others who have similar interests, and receive feedback on their opinions and stories. Both amateur writers and professionals can gain a lot from writing and participating in blog communities.

Now, though, these individuals can get paid to blog, earning financial rewards as well as social and emotional ones, when they share their stories online. Opportunities to generate revenue through an online journal are boundless, including the placement of banner or text link advertisements, sponsored postings, and contextual ads or affiliate programs.

One of the highest paying paid blogging options is to sign up with a service that will connect you as a writer to advertisers wishing to have posts written about them on your blog. Typically, these lead to simple assignments that fit seamlessly into your weblog, as advertisers tend to select sites that are already discussing related subjects.

In order to qualify for the best blogging income opportunities, you will need to promote your own site. Advertisers certainly appreciate the benefits of a link back, but they also like to be represented on blogs that have many followers, solid page rank and a fair number of backlinks themselves. Make sure to trade links and connect with others, and track your progress using web analysis tools. This will help make a name for you within the community and also make your site a more profitable venture.

As you proceed, you should begin to see an increase in both popularity and revenue. You may even be amazed to see how much you learn and discover along the way!